We are experts in mortgage lending and servicing and leaders in understanding compliance and regulatory risk.

As a result, MasterServ provides more than just a “plug and play” solution, it’s a customized approach that covers the lifecycle of a loan.

From Our Clients

“With market and regulatory pressures finding a SaaS solution which provides audit trail analysis while providing scalability is timely.”

Joseph J. Murin
Vice Chairman, Chrysalis Holdings

Our Automation & Productivity Solutions

SaaS Tools

Utilizing MasterServ’s cloud based rules engine, several SaaS based tools have been developed to improve the productivity, accuracy, and to reduce the operating expenses of our clients. Making up the foundation of our Automation and Productivity Solution offerings are:

  • Automated Data Transfer and XML Integrations
  • Workflow Management
  • Data Analytics / Predictive Modeling
  • Decision Support
  • Document Imaging / OCR Data Capture
  • Automated Collateral Validation

Custom Client Solutions Technology

Are brokers and originators creating quality loans, originated in accordance with investor/guarantor standards. Was all the data independently verified, was a compliant process used, and were QC steps followed? The New Loan QA Module independently verifies all borrower, credit, and collateral; Risk scores each loan to future performance identifies fraud and risks based on industry-proven, continuously re-calibrated model.
AppraisalNsight improves the accuracy of property valuations through the advent of advanced rule-based metrics, the availability of new electronic market information databases, combined with web-based ordering, fulfillment, objective variance analysis, quality review, appraisal scoring and appraiser scorecards.
Is the servicing function or vendor fully compliant with industry rules and regulations and following best practices. ActioNsight monitors all functions, including reconciliation, remittance, insurance premiums, UPB, rate adjustments, collateral, investor reporting, taxes and insurance, mortgage insurance premium payments, compliance with all other servicing actions.
Account level assessment and multi-tier classification of risk; update of current borrower, credit, and collateral information on risky accounts, assessment of resolution alternatives; calculation of change options; NPV calculation; government program qualification; determination of potential loan losses.
Comprehensive analysis of each account to assess the quality of data, process effectiveness; compliance with rules and regulations; application of best practices. Tracking of vendor performance; issue management and resolution, property preservation, objective evaluation of customer fairness.
How best can a holder of REO maximize their asset returns and manage their portfolio; and how can an investor acquire at the right price? The ActioNsight Asset Management Module addresses these questions with a property valuation, alternative use analysis, rehab and maintenance performance tracking, and best value hold, sale, lease, rent, option analysis.
Continuous tracking of performance of individual loans from the origination, servicing, loss mitigation, default management, asset disposition and claims processes. Evaluation of default rates, early payment defaults, quality of origination process, servicing and investor reporting, loss mitigation and default management and production of consolidated performance scores.