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Compliance Control Center

Our Compliance Control Center (C3) and exclusive surveillance reporting, monitors all aspects of compliance.

Protecting your business from catastrophic regulatory actions is a full-time concern. And you need solutions that align with your business needs.

“Plug and Play” options will work for most but some level of customization is almost always necessary. MasterServ offers a customized, integrated platform that reduces your costs, preserves future revenues and makes you 100% compliant. We focus on the entire loan lifecycle while understanding your specific business requirements.

We listen — We Act

MasterServ modules cover every aspect of the loan lifecycle. But we recognize that the needs of every lender and servicer are different. On the servicing side we address every need, whether your are an owner of MSRs, a subservicer or an investor.

C3 Home Screen

C3 Home Screen — The C3 Home Screen provides a single screen to monitor all scripts currently under review. Dashboards track who has been assigned and displays the completion percentage of any outstanding script reviews. The C3 Home Screen also shows open rebuttals, to whom they are assigned and the associated completion percentage. Finally, this screen provides the user with surveillance results for all automated rules for the current period and a YTD Summary.

CSA Main Screen

C3 Compliance Main — The main dashboard easily navigates the user to the compliance scripts through links and shows the overall progress and status of the scripts.

CSA Main Screen

C3 Compliance Review Screen — The script result matrix shows all the cases and allows the user to simply answer and enter the results and findings of the individual rules.


A cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides fully consistent testing across all properties, reduces time, improves close rate, and reduces buyback risk.

The Appraisal Review module provides an automated system of controls, verifications and testing to ensure appraisals represent reliable, credible valuations. C3A identifies market, property, appraiser, collateral valuation, consistency and market/neighborhood risks.

When C3A determines the risk profile exceeds acceptable thresholds, it alerts clients to recurring valuation and performance risks that require action. Using over 500 rules, C3A produces appraisal scores and appraiser scorecards to manage risk when relying upon an appraisal in a real estate transaction.

Once the analysis is complete, the comprehensive AppraisalNsight report is available for the user to review. The AppraisalNsight report provides you with overall scores for risk and variances that identify sub-standard best practices in reporting, disclosures and/or inconsistencies in the report that may not comply with USPAP and/or GSE Property and Neighborhood Guidelines which may result in loan repurchase. The indexes derived are flagged and scored using unbiased statistical weighting factors that roll up to the overall Risk and Value scores. The report gives the reader a thorough review of the appraisal. Investors can be assured an objective and transparent analysis was performed by a non-related third party. The report is best utilized pre loan approval and before the loan is delivered to CU and/or the investor; although it functions well as a post funding QC tool also.

CSA Main Screen

C3A Main —  The appraisal dashboard easily navigates through the exceptions, scoring and reporting.

CSA Main Screen

C3A Comp —  The comp analysis module allows the user to analyze and compare the comps used for the subject’s appraisal to other properties gathered through public records. The interactive slide tools allows for filtering of data fields such “Best Match Score”, bedrooms, square footage, bedrooms and baths.

Download a Sample AppraisalNsight Report here.